Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mountain Hollow

February 28, 2016

If you want to take a road trip I'm your girl.  As many of my friends will tell you - I love to drive.  Since moving to Tennessee this love of getting out on the road has taken on it's own life.  Why?  Tennessee has a multitude of awesome, out of the way, down a country road, over the mountain, cross the river places to explore. 

Yesterday I, and a fellow fiber fanatic, drove to Tazewell to visit Mountain Hollow Farm and Store.

We heard about this place from a fellow weaver.  Now, yarn stores will always peak my interest but when you add critters to the mix I'm definitely in.  This farm raises goats but these are not your usual billy goats.  These are cashmere or cashmere/angora goats.  They also have llamas, sheep, chickens, guinea hens, dogs, horses and cats.  Yes, I thought it was pretty much heaven.

Then we went into the store. If I could add angels singing and the heavens opening up to this post I would.  It is small but oh so quaint.  Wood plank floors, yarn stacked high against one wall, gift ideas, completed projects, candles, buttons, and books ....  oh my!  Beth (owner/proprietor) had hot tea brewing and there was a large round table for friends to come and have a cup while knitting or crocheting.  A newly rescued dog named Daisy and a very friendly cat named Leo just made the entire environment homey and one that I can't wait to return to.

The day inspired me not just to get home and get a scarf off the loom so I could start a new project but also to finally begin the Wildwood Weaver blog and share all of my fiber adventures with you. 

Until I hit the road again - stay warped,