Friday, March 25, 2016

Alpaca Show

When most couples get together they say one of two things - either "we are so much alike" or "we are complete opposites".  My husband and I are the latter.  Fortunately there are a few things we enjoy together.....movies, books and (as I call them) critters.

A couple of weeks ago Sevierville was hosting the Southern Select Alpaca Show.  Not only was this a great critter event but it was free !

Do not confuse these darlings with llamas.  Totally different critter.  These guys are originally from South America - many in Peru.  They are sweet and gentle. (I have met a few llamas and they are a lot snobbier plus they spit).

Some are fluffy - others have fur that looks like string.  We met one owner who answered all of our questions and  gave us a kind of Alpaca 101 course.

They communicate through humming.  They don't like the top of their heads scratched instead you should rub their necks.  They are pack animals so you really shouldn't have just one.  It doesn't take much land to have a small herd either - a few acres is fine.  And they love cool windy weather.  All of the stalls had fans and usually the alpacas were right in front of them.

Of course they also turn their fur into gorgeously soft (and expensive) yarn.

This was a different sort of road trip - one with the hubby instead of the girl friends.  However it was a beautiful drive through the mountains, a fun morning learning about a new critter and of course there was still the connection to yarn!

Until I hit the road again - stay warped,

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