Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Pattern Hutch

I love it when a simple road trip turns into a new discovery.  It's even better when that discovery is accompanied by laughs, sunshine, good friends and shopping.  All of these things were present during a recent trip to Pigeon Forge.  Now if you are a local I'm sure you had visions of congested traffic, scores of tourists, noise and lights as you read the words Pigeon Forge.  However, this discovery is thankfully off the beaten path and down a country road where the sounds of the city are forgotten.

As we approached The Pattern Hutch we saw the iconic symbol of relaxation - rocking chairs on the porch.  The front door was open to let in the beautiful day and I could already see the abundance of creative possibilities waiting for us inside.

If you ever want an inspiration this is definitely where you should go. Embroidery, punch needle,    felting, doll clothes, aprons, pillows - I even think I saw some woodworking patterns in the back. Fabric, wool, thread and tons of these ideas already made up and on display so you can see what it will look like when finished.  I should really say what it should look like when finished because I am in the middle of my first needle punch project and it sure isn't looking like the finished examples - ha ha! 


Be prepared to be tempted.  Three out of the four people with me actually made their purchases and then found an additional purchase before we made it out the door.  (Yes, I was one of the three.)  I'm not sure if Cindy, owner and proprietor, was happier to see us arrive or leave - it was quite the event.

Cindy would love to give classes if you have a small group that would like to tackle something together.  She also encouraged us to come by and hang out....those rocking chairs look like a great place to enjoy the sun and some embroidery. 

Till the next time I hit the road - stay warped,

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