Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Spinnery

A few weeks back I ventured through the mountains to check out the Spinnery with some weaver friends.  This lovely store is off the main road from all of the craziness that is in downtown Gatlinburg.  It is different from our usual knitting/crocheting yarn stores in that it has an additional focus on spinning and weaving.

As usual our arrival injected quite a bit of fun (aka noise and confusion) into the atmosphere.  Hey, we just can't contain our excitement.  "Look at this", "Wow, I want this", "Oh, this is pretty", "Feel this" (fiber people HAVE to touch things).

There was a rigid heddle class going on so (of course) we had to check it out and talk to the teacher (and the students and the customers and the shop workers - you get the idea).  The project interested two of us -now the hunt was on to find exactly what type of yarn they used.  This was not an easy feat because we kept getting sidetracked.  As you can see there was no shortage of things to grab our attention.

We all came home with packages.  I got right to the warping board and the Beka to see if I could recreate what the class was doing.  I think this will turn out beautifully.

It was another good road trip complete with mountains, friends and fiber.

Till the next one - stay warped, 

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