Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Yarn Retreat

What do you call it when 19 women get together at a resort state park to knit, crochet, weave, and spin?  A yarn retreat!  That is what happened last weekend in Pineville, Kentucky at the Pine Mountain Resort Lodge.

This is an absolutely gorgeous State Park about 30 minutes north of Tazewell, Tennessee.  As you can see the dogwoods, red buds and azaleas were all in bloom.

The resort had a large dining hall (and they served delicious food) that is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows so you can see the mountains and watch the birds while you eat.  There was a cozy living room complete with a fireplace and checkerboard, a porch with rocking chairs, hiking trails and a large meeting room for groups. There is also a basketball court and a miniature golf course. During the summer they have a pool and a zip line.

On day two we caravaned  to Mountain Hollow Farm (our host) in Tazewell to shop at the store.

It was fun to walk the farm - especially on such a beautiful day.  

BUT the best part was the critters - and lots of them. Beth has ducks, sheep, bunnies, dogs, cats, guinea hens, two llamas, a horse and ....... GOATS.  It was time to harvest the angora fibers from the goats so I was able to get a hands-on experience.

Still - the best was yet to come......BABIES !!!!!

If only my bag had been large enough.  Another retreat is planned for August (I think I'll be bringing a crate).

Till I hit the road again - stay warped,


  1. Glad you had such a wonderful time. Beth is terrific and her shop is in such a wonderful setting!

  2. Hi Sharon...went to lunch with your Mom today and she was telling me about your yarn retreat. Looks like loads of fun. I go to a quilting retreat, and it's really fun to get together with like minded crafters. I'll enjoy following your blog. Peggy Simmons...former Sewing Hands quilter